Very Narrow Aisle Truck

Designed for high-density warehouses while optimising your storage space

The very narrow aisle (VNA) truck, also known as the turret truck, is a specialised material-handling equipment where it is easily manoeuvrable between narrow aisles of the warehouse as its name suggests. The VNA is specially designed for high volume handling applications and high-density warehouse storage or distribution operations.

With a higher reach than most forklifts and a very narrow base footprint, warehouses and distribution facilities can optimise their storage space by stacking loads high and close.
Being able to handle pallets efficiently in narrow aisles maximises operator productivity with faster stocking and picking. It improves handling and safety, reducing accidents and operator errors with clear views of loads.

The VNA truck is one of the most flexible and adaptable forklift available, fit for any requirements that warehouse operations demand.

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