Vehicle Leasing 

Selecting the best vehicle to fit your business needs

When it comes to vehicle rental in Singapore, Goldbell offers specially curated vehicle leasing plans for your business needs. Flexible vehicle leasing plans are available depending on your short-term or long-term requirements, be it a day, months or years.

Offering a wide range of vehicle rental in Singapore, from passenger vehicles to commercial vehicles such as trucks, vans and buses, even to specialised vehicles such as ambulances and waste trucks, we ensure that we have what you need to rent a vehicle for your business.

Operating Lease

Allowing you to acquire a vehicle as and when you require. The various types of operating lease are as follows:

Long-term Lease

The perfect alternative to owning vehicles, long-term vehicle leasing in Singapore is a cost-effective option to lease vehicles for any duration between 3 to 5 years.

Short-term Rental

Our flexible short-term vehicle rental in Singapore allows for daily, monthly or yearly rental. Get your desired vehicle with just a few clicks!

Sell & Leaseback

Vehicles can be converted into cash without any disruptions to your fleet through our sell & leaseback scheme. We can buy your company’s current fleet and lease them back to you, where we will handle maintenance and fleet management in all aspects, thereby reducing operational costs. Cash flow for the company is also magnified through this scheme.

Finance Lease

Make your vehicle rental or leasing easier with an Option-to-Purchase (OTP) at a pre-determined price when the lease period ends.

Vehicle rental