Tow Tractor

Tow your loads with ease and enhanced productivity

The tow tractor is the ideal material-handling equipment for production facilities and warehouse applications such as parts-to-line, batch-picking and cart-towing. Be it indoors or outdoors; you can be sure that the tow tractor has great power to transport heavy loads over long distances quickly.

Rely on the tow tractor to handle any logistical challenge with efficiency and flexibility due to its reliable features that are built to last. Its smooth yet powerful operation and durable built ensures that it can tackle even the most demanding applications.

The tow tractor requires only a low maintenance cost and is operator-friendly, allowing for high efficiency with high productivity. Ranging from light to heavy-duty, you can pick the tow tractor that is best suited for your business.

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Nichiyu produces unrivalled quality electric forklifts, dedicated to innovating material-handling solutions.

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A leading provider of material-handling equipment since 1920, STILL works with the highest quality innovative technology.

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