Stationary Air Compressors

Suitable for any high demand applications

The stationary air compressor is designed to be fixed in one place, suited for any long-term projects. With a large air capacity, it can provide a greater source of power.

Its exceptional durability can support various industrial businesses and keep them running at maximum levels. Enhancing performance in heavy-duty applications, it is ideal for any automotive work, machinery and industrial applications. Despite its powerful features, it is cost efficient and economical.

Goldbell offers you the latest PROAIR AS Series from AIRMAN. Spearheading the air compressor industry, the PROAIR AS Series has achieved new levels of high efficiency and energy-saving performance. With its optimised screw profile of the compressor, the PROAIR AS Series has the highest level of air delivery in its class.

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AIRMAN has more than 80 years of experience and strives to provide clean material-handling solutions.