Port-handling Equipment leasing

The right leasing plan for your equipment needs

Port-handling equipment assists in the movement of goods from ship to ports and vice versa, making the process convenient and efficient. There is a wide range of port-handling equipment available, and each equipment has a different role to play.

Goldbell offers you the best in port-handling equipment leasing in Singapore. Partnering with Kalmar, rest assured that your port productivity will be greatly enhanced, fulfilling the high demands of the environment efficiently. Rent your port-handling equipment from Goldbell with a peace of mind as we ensure that you lease port-handling equipment that is best suited for your business.

  1. Reach Stackers
    A reach stacker is one of the most flexible solutions for container-handling in small terminals or medium-sized ports. With boom attachments, it allows drivers to handle loaded containers easily and effectively in narrow spaces. It also has a wide range of rotation possibilities, ensuring that there is no reduction in productivity.

  2. Empty Container Stackers
    An empty container stacker is useful when containers need to be moved or stacked quickly and efficiently in close and high spaces. Strong and stable truck chassis, lifting mass/boom and side spreaders ensure fast stacking within a minimum ground area.

  3. Terminal Tractors
    The different models of terminal tractors are easily adapted to meet the various needs of cargo-handling in ports and terminals. Specially designed to move semi-trailers and containers in ports and terminals efficiently, it fulfils the demands of specific working environments.
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