Order Picker

Ease your order-picking with the rising platform

The order picker is designed with a rising operator platform for the operator to stand on and easily access inventory for manual order picking at elevations higher than the second level racking.

This versatile material-handling equipment can handle a variety of items from small to large, allowing for a range of jobs such as labelling, identifying and finding materials, and filling individual customer orders efficiently.

An ergonomic and economical solution, the order picker has the capability for high-level order picking and manoeuvrability for narrow aisles, enabling easy operation in small, tight places. With its enhanced performance and safety, it can truly increase efficiency in warehouse applications.

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Nichiyu produces unrivalled quality electric forklifts, dedicated to innovating material-handling solutions.

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A leading provider of material-handling equipment since 1920, STILL works with the highest quality innovative technology.

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