Guardian Optical Technologies 








Motion Sensing Technology for the Automotive Industry

Founded in 2014, Guardian Optical Technologies has developed breakthrough, patent-pending sensor technology for occupancy detection in vehicles, encompassing 2D, 3D and motion analysis in a single sensor designed to enable automobile manufacturers to produce safer, more convenient “passenger aware” vehicles at a lower cost.

Guardian enables occupancy detection for the entire cabin (all 5 seats). Guardian’s sensor is mounted in the ceiling of the car. The sensor scans the entire vehicle using three layers of information:

1. 3D map,

2. Video – machine learning and image recognition,

3. Micro vibration – detect movement up to 1 micro-meter.

Any living being could be detected (heartbeat generates micro vibrations). These three layers of information create a rich source of real-time big data, that includes: the number of people in the vehicle, their exact location in the vehicle, the physical size and mass of the occupants, and differentiation between people & objects.