To keep your business growing, Goldbell partnered with the 3 major fuel providers, Shell, Esso and Caltex to create this Goldbell Fuel Program for your benefit.

We want to help you to save more as you pump. As a commercial vehicle specialist, we understand the importance to use high quality of fuel to keep your engines in peak condition. Let's protect our vehicle and the environment together. Sign up today!


Control & Security:

With Goldbell Fuel Program, you can manage your fleet fuel consumption at your fingertips. Every transaction will be recorded to prevent fraud and abuse. You can also opt for PIN authorisation for each fuel card issued.

It allows you to set a limit on individual cards to cap its fuel spend. The card that exceeds the pre-set amount will be blocked immediately, preventing it from further usage. Alternatively, you can make a call to the respective fuel providers to block the fuel card instantly.



Manage your cash flow more efficiently with interest-free credit. Interbank GIRO simplifies your company’s bill payment processes by letting you pay for your fleet expenditure in one lump sum, on time, and without any effort at your end. The 3 major fuel providers have a combined network of more than 130 stations within Singapore for fleet convenience.


Greater Savings:

Enjoy exclusive 20% discount with the Goldbell Fuel Program and the final fuel charges and savings you have obtained will be reflected in your monthly Invoice.

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