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The forklift truck is material-handling equipment that is equipped with a power-operated forked platform attached to the front. It is the ideal material-handling equipment for transporting or lifting heavy loads from one point to another. It can be powered either by electric motors or internal combustion engines that are run by diesel or gasoline.

It is a flexible truck that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for almost any industry that requires the movement of materials and goods with ease, it is no wonder that the forklift truck is one of the most popular choices for material-handling equipment.

Offering forklift leasing, Goldbell assures that you are able to get the forklift that is best suited for your business. Goldbell is committed to building relationships with you, providing a comprehensive aftersales solution when you rent a forklift in Singapore from us. We carry a wide range of forklift trucks, such as diesel forkliftselectric forklifts and gasoline forklifts

Rest assured that we will have what you require for your forklift rental needs.

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Forklift rental Singapore