Equipment Leasing 

The right leasing plan for your equipment needs

Give your business the much-needed boost with Goldbell’s equipment leasing. Having served over 10,000 leasing clients and counting, we know what you need and want for your equipment leasing. We offer flexible leasing plans; short-term rental and long-term leasing, ranging from a day to years.

We carry an extensive range of equipment for lease in Singapore, such as material-handling equipment and port-handling equipment. Rest assured that we have what you need for your equipment rental needs.

Operating Lease

Allowing you to acquire your equipment in a relatively short time. The various types of operating lease are as follows:

Long-term Lease

A cost-effective option for equipment leasing with leasing plans from 3 to 5 years, it is the perfect alternative to equipment purchase.

Short-term Rental

Equipment rental from as short as a day to a year, acquire your rented equipment within a few days.

Sell & Leaseback

Magnify your cash flow with this scheme. Allow us to buy your current fleet of equipment, converting your fleet into cash. We will then lease them back to you, where we will handle maintenance and fleet management in all aspects, thereby reducing your operational costs.

Finance Lease

Make your vehicle rental or leasing easier with an Option-to-Purchase (OTP) at a pre-determined price when the lease period ends.

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