Engine Generators

A versatile and durable external power source

The engine generator is a useful, versatile machine that supplies electric power when electricity is unavailable, where power is needed temporarily or simply to power tools at construction sites. It can reduce downtime or boost higher performance to equipment.

Powerful and economical, the engine generator is very durable with low consumption and high efficiency. It is also time and cost efficient with its low maintenance. The engine generator is optimal for demanding applications where reliable power is required for an extended time.

Together with AIRMAN, Goldbell offers you the most advanced gen-set. With its generator specifically designed to prevent rain penetration, it has certainly become a favourite of customers who require weather-proof generators. With the environment in mind, it produces low noise level, blow-by gas and has a clean engine. AIRMAN’s engine generators are the ideal work partner, with its better performance and ability to prolong continuous operation.

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