Electric Forklift

An environmentally-friendly solution to your material-handling needs

The electric forklift is battery powered with no harmful emissions. Its environmentally friendly feature makes it very suitable for indoor and warehouse applications with low maintenance cost and cheap power source.

The electric forklift is designed to be compact and boasts of manoeuvrability for its indoor and warehouse application, easing its job of loading and unloading of lorries, containers, train carriages and pallets. It truly does boasts productivity, ensuring that there is an optimum turnaround of goods.

The electric forklift is a reliable warehouse partner while running on energy efficient means. It is relatively hassle-free with its easy maintenance and is cost efficient at the same time while relying on electricity.

Goldbell has had close relationships with world-renowned brands STILL and Nichiyu. We can offer you the best in electric forklift in terms of efficiency, safety and driver comfort, ensuring that your productivity is boosted, thus helping you with your overall profitability.

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Electric forklift

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Nichiyu produces unrivalled quality electric forklifts, dedicated to innovating material-handling solutions.

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A leading provider of material-handling equipment since 1920, STILL works with the highest quality innovative technology.

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