Why Lease With Goldbell?

The ideal way to manage the day-to-day running of your fleet


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It's expensive to purchase a vehicle

With commercial vehicle leasing, it means your expenses are predictable. This helps you plan your budget ahead of time, reducing risks of cash flow problems.

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No huge downpayment

Our commercial vehicle leasing can address concerns such as insurance premium hikes and ever-rising maintenance costs. Commercial vehicle rental also does not need any capital upfront as compared to purchasing a vehicle, giving your business the advantage it needs with a steady and undisrupted cash flow.

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Replacement Ready

Commercial vehicle leasing with Goldbell helps to reduce vehicle downtime as replacement commercial vehicles are always ready in case of any unexpected issues.

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More time to be productive

With Goldbell, commercial vehicle leasing can help with your fleet management such as planning and scheduling of maintenance and servicing, allowing you to focus your time to more important core aspects of your business.

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More financial flexibility

An alternative financing option that frees up more of your credit lines and improves your profitability ratios, commercial vehicle rental with Goldbell can boost your business profile.

* Time taken varies according to size and range of the commercial vehicle.

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Grow your business anytime

With our flexible commercial vehicle rental plans, you can expand your fleet whenever there are peaks in the economy and demand, or simply to grow your business.

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Flexible asset mix

Having lower capital outlay gives your business an instant competitive advantage. Our commercial vehicle rental packages offer a wide range of commercial vehicles to meet your business needs.

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At Goldbell, you can have no disposal loss uncertainties with our commercial vehicle leasing plans, with the option to add, upgrade or dispose vehicles easily.