At Goldbell, we strongly believe that contributing to the environment is a must. Encouraging our staff to do the same, Goldbell Foundation organised a Plant-a-Tree programme at Admiralty Park on 14 April 2018 as part of our Going Green initiative to promote commitment to sustainability. Planting a tree is a lifelong investment and National Parks started the Plant-a-Tree programme for organisations and individuals to actively participate in the greening of our City in a Garden by planting trees. Our staff invited friends and family along to join in this unique activity.

After the tree-planting, it was time for some fun family bonding time at the new Admiralty Park Playground, a multi-tiered playland with slides, burrows and bridges. It currently holds the record of having the most slides at a children's playground in Singapore with 26 slides! There was something for all ages to enjoy and everyone had a lot of fun.

Staff, friends and family were treated to an experience at the Science Centre. The exhibition highlights were Butterflies Up-Close where we got to see the full life cycle of butterflies, together with an insight to butterfly behaviours, and Phobia2 where the science of fear was explained. It was truly an educational experience.

The day ended off with a quiz, encouraging our staff to work together with their friends and family to find the right answer, bringing them closer in the process. Prizes were up for grabs too!

The tiring but fun-filled day left us with unforgettable memories of satisfaction and new-found knowledge on giving back to the environment and family bonding.