Goldbell and Mobileye, an Intel company, came together to organise the first ever Future Mobility in Singapore: Smart Cities & Safe Transport conference held on 16th November 2017 at NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House. It was a prestigious event that was opened by Israeli Ambassador, Her Excellency Ms Simona Halperin.

Delegates from private and government sectors in Singapore were invited to join us in this conference, where a panel of international experts allowed us to take a peek into the future, focusing on Singapore's vision to be a smart, connected and secure city. With our ever-evolving mobility landscape, it is important to analyse the trends and explore new and upcoming technology that we can apply to our small metropolis.

Safety and innovation have always been something that is close to our heart, that is why we work closely with Mobileye, a tech company who combines both. Mobileye is a strong believer that vision-safety technology will truly help cities make their roads safer with their Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). It alerts drivers to potential accidents and warnings such as forward collision, lane departure, pedestrian and bicycle collision, headway monitoring, and speed limit indicator.

We invited our distinguished speakers from a range of start-ups and innovative tech companies like Israeli Aerospace Industries, Mobileye, UVeye, Waycare Technologies, Chakratec Limited, Accenture, and even Sompo Insurance to talk about safety. Each speaker had groundbreaking innovations to the future of mobility, such as real-time accident prevention solutions, levitating pods as personal rapid transit, AI-driven solutions and connected technology, and electric charging infrastructure, promising to change the mobility landscape as we know it.

We were honoured to have had the chance to delve into the innovative minds of these experts and are looking forward to seeing how the mobility landscape will evolve in Singapore.

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