On 25 May 2019, Motorviva organised a Pro Privi Club event for our members. The theme for the day is to 'Be a Chef!'. We worked together with CulinaryOn to organise a fun team bonding day with our members!

The menu for the day included Artichoke Salad, Pasta with Salmon and Zucchini, and Tiramisu. We got to have hands-on experience on how to prepare the ingredients and even make our own pasta and tiramisu from scratch under the guidance of Chef Cindy. The day was made more fun by a mini contest where the station with the longest pasta won! After an exciting demonstration by Chef Cindy on how to cook and plate the pasta, we all sat down together as a family to enjoy the meal we have prepared.

For most of us, it was our first time attending a culinary team building session and we had lots of fun! We would like to thank our members for being spontaneous and joining us on this awesome day. We look forward to our next Pro Privi Club gathering!

Pro Privi Club
The Pro Privi Club is the one and only exclusive van club in Singapore. We aim to bring together like-minded van owners and drivers to create a community where we can share our passions and common interests, harmonising all van owners and drivers, promoting fellowship, camaraderie and goodwill.