Moving towards the futuristic world of commercial vehicles, FUSO has introduced a new logo to distinguish the commercial vehicle range from the passenger vehicle’s 3-diamond logo in Singapore.

The new FUSO logo embraces the same core values and is designed with the same colour and font, building a heritage bridge to the classic 3-diamond to illustrate the unity of our strong history and the future of CVs.

FUSO is one of the trusted brands of commercial vehicles built on four core brand values; Trusted Quality, Economic Efficiency, Solid & Functional Design and Committed Services.

We’ve recently introduced the new Euro VI truck models; Light-duty – Canter, Medium-duty – Fighter, Heavy-duty – Super Great, along with the Rosa buses, showcasing quality and reliable upgrades that ensure safer trips, reduced operational costs and increased comfort.

We are dedicated to bringing you the same quality products infused with Japanese craftsmanship in a Fresh New Look.